Baaldun Drake is a Super Rare level 17 Unit card in the Hero's Call set. In lore, Baaldun Drakes are among the human empire's strongest known dragons; tamed only by the strongest of mages.

Card OverviewEdit


Cost: (R)(R)(R)(G)+(3)
Race: Dragon
Class: Elder
Level: 17
S/L: 4/12


Maddening Roar: (2)+(X) - (X) target units are afflicted with Fear until the end of turn.
Take Flight: (G)(4) - Baaldun Drake gains Flight, Initiative and +2 strength for 2 turns.
Rain Fire From Above: (R)(R)(R)+(X) - This spell can only be used when affected by Flight. Deal 4 damage to X target units, deal X damage to Baaldun Drake. Remove Flight and Intiative from Baaldun Drake.

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