Lord Wing of Knightwatch is a Super Rare level 20 Champion card in the Hero's Call card set. It serves as the signature card of the Hero's Call card set.

Card OverviewEdit


Race: Human

Class: Warrior

Level: 20

Strength: 2

Guard: 2

Life: 32


Instill Bravery: (1) - Target unit gains Bravery for one turn.

Beacon of Hope: (2) + (X) - Restore 2 life to Lord Wing of Knightwatch and X additional units.

Onwards, to Victory: (6) - All allied units gain +2 Strength and Bravery for one turn.


  • Lord Wing of Knightwatch's 32 Life is the highest base life of any current champion, with the second highest being Overlord Firemane Sasaki's 29.
  • Lord Wing of Knightwatch is currently the only level 20 champion that exclusively uses neutral mana.

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