Rotface Bear is a Rare level 10 Unit card in the Dark Surge card set.

Card OverviewEdit


Cost: (Bl)(Bl)
Race: Undead
Class: Bear
Level: 10
S/L: 4/2


Tribute Summon: In order to summon Rotface Bear, you must tribute X allied Bear class units. Increase the life of Rotface Bear by X. Increase the strength of Rotface Bear by X/2, where X/2 is rounded up to the nearest integer.
Decay: Reduce Rotface Bear's strength and life by 1 at the start of each of your turns, additionally, Rotface Bear acts  with summoning sickness until end of turn.
Restore Strength: Sacrifice one allied Bear class unit to increase Rotface Bear's strength by 1 and life by 2; additionally, Rotface Bear gains Initiative until the end of turn. This ability may be used once per turn. 

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